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through his attorney reading the sheriff's department complete aid thorough investigation and we're pleased that they have concluded there is inshove shechbtdz to support an arrest. pablo will continue to focus on helping the giants towards a playoff run. the district attorney has been involved in this case from the beginning and the sheriff's report is now in his hands. >> what we do now is review it. and determine whether charges should be filed. >> law enforcement says the allegations have been handled like any other sexual assault case but there are those who say it has victimized the accuser. >> what we're seeing is that she's after money and that she has another motive when in fact victims of violence are that. they're victims of violence. >> and this district attorney
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says he will make a final decision early next week on whether to file charges in this case. in santa cruz abc 7 news. >> and there are two more hearings scheduled next week as san francisco's suspended sheriff fights to get his job back. his attorneys accusing the mayor and trying to subpoena witnesses taking the case to a new level. and. >> if you thought the case against ross mirkarimi dmot get more controversial, you're wrong. and the mayor says enough is enough. >> i think the commission can see through this. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is talking about the allegations surrounding his testimony last month in the ross mirkarimi case. the suspended sever's attorneys believe the mayor lied on witness stand. and they're asking the commission to issue subpoenas. >> if he lied under oath he
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committed a felony in order to remove the sheriff for a misdemeanor. >> during testimony, the mayor said he never consulted with supervisors and a building commissioner says the supervisor told her she talked with lee. he finds the drama, in her words exhausting and shocking. >> i didn't have conversations about this. you know? prior to any of this. >> and they're on the subpoena wish list as are former supervisor aaron peskin and saying he told him of a back door deal with the mayor to offer another job if he quit. the two making allegations are political progressives as is mirkarimi. but his attorney doesn't think that is significant. >> as to political realities
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of moderate versus progressive? it's not relevant to whether or not the mayor lied under oath. >> mayor lee is outraged by the perjury talk and believe it's designed to distract from the facts. >> the fact is that he did hurt hoiz spouse. he did admit to false imprisonment. and the disswaying of others and demeaning of the witnesses. these are activities amount to official misconduct. i don't think he zeefshs to be in the office of the sheriff. >> we've been told there could be a call tomorrow between attorneys and commissioners regarding those subpoenas. the attorney is opposed to hashing the issue out on the phone and saying i had it should be handled in public at the next meeting. >> and what will tomorrow bring? >> advocates are promising to fight a crack down on the
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largest pot provider. the u.s. attorney filed a complaint against the health center. abc 7 news is here with the latest in a series of moves to close down the dispensary autos the complaint filed by the u.s. attorney targets owner of the building that hoiss the health center in oakland. the harborside owner called a news conference today, vowing to fight. the founder is defiant. >> there is nothing to hide. and nothing to be ashamed of. there is no intention of closing our doors. >> steve deangelo founded the dispensaries and the claim over 100,000 customer was sales of $30 million. and $3 million going to city and state sales tax autos the reason is that we've provided
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highest level of care that was needed. >> and this size is apparently an issue. the larger the operation, greater likelihood there will be an abuse of the medical marijuana laws and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated need. and u.s. attorney has told congress says the dispensaries would not be a priority. >> and given our limited resources would not be a priority. >> harborside is, was, and always will be in compliance with the laws. >> the attorney says the enforcement action this week doesn't make sense but did fit a pattern. deangelo has been a high profile activist. and oakland's oakster dam
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university was raided by federal agents and the founder has been another out spoken leader for legalization. rebecca cap plan called on feds to change their priority autos please, we need those resource devoted to stopping the shoogs, stopping violence and stopping the killings. and the owner of the building owns a pretty well known security company called abc security. i was told anna is disappointed in this action and she intends to fight it. >> thank you, mark. >> hundreds of people are still under evacuation orders as a fire in placer county continues to burn out of control. the robber -- fire covered nearly one square mile and abc is live for us tonight with the latest on the fire fight. loney? >> and i'm standing here on a lot just off the forest hill
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road. you can see smoke behind us here just billowing, containment reduced from 20% to 10%. this wildfire continues to grow, 30 more homes have been evacuated. they stopped to lighten the mood. the shaw family left homes wednesday evening when a fire broke out in placer county. the fire destroyed 300 acres and continues to threaten homes. but the family was aloud to go home ask grab a few things today. >> i grabbed my choir outfit. and i grabbed my -- grandma's earrings. >> she was freaking out going let's go. let's go. >> she's like no. no. just get out of the door. >> other families left, the shaws catched out with animals and they say their dogs and horses and birds, and cats are
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spending this day dropping animals off at different locations to stay with friends. >> this is just trying to stay stable and not cry. >> and now, the american river. >> if it continues to burn in that area, it's potential to continue to burn north and that canyon is narrow and there it could threaten other communities. >> and the red cross has two shelters up and running, ready and available for families forced to leave home autos people show up here they're anxious and there are probably a lot of rumors out there. they're coming here for grounded information. >> and there is they're expected to be here you throughout the night z number of damage has grown and they're expecting a long
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evening here in placer count. >> and thank you very much. and still ahead here tonight on abc 7 news a turn in temperatures. >> and that is right. fog return together coastline meaning a sharp drop in temperatures is on the way. i'll show you how much longer goitsing to be. >> tonight a report on the new bay bridge. cable guys are on the job and on track to reach a major milestone next month. >> new backlash over a decision to ban foie gras into california. and later tonight the medical technology that has greatly recused side affects of getting a nose job.
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a new warning about a scam targeting elderly chinese speaking women. the san francisco police department released a public service announcement to make potential victims aware of the problem, convincing victims to hand over valuables to be purified. they're swapped out and another bag, this one full of junk is returned. >> and they tell the people not to look in their bag two weeks or so. >> and this year, three women were arrested for stealing $1 million in cash and jewelry. and in two weeks there have been five new incidents. >> there is a french government official upset about the recent ban on
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foie gras and is calling on all restaurants there to stop serving california wine. owners and retailers here understand that sentiment. >> there pulting out of business one small company. who is the next small company to be put out of business? >> and the state's ban took affect july 1 after animal rights activists convinced lawmaker that's force feeding through a tube to fatten livers is cruel. supporters say their fine with the boycott because france doesn't import a lot of california wine anyway. a lawsuit to block enforcement is still pending. >> and if you drive across the bay bridge, you probably notice giant steel cables being hoisted into place next door-to-where you're driving. it's a critical step in the new construction project. there is where we're live
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tonight. there is a fascinating bit of engineering. >> and always, it's this megaengineering going on here. there is the main cable that is the big one wrapping up and over the tower then wraps around the bridge road bed and from that cable ropes are hung and anchored with majority of those in place, this is beginning to look close to the finished project. >> this is a view of the new bridge while driving westbound on the hold one. here is a preview of what it will feel like when driving on the new bridge just more than a year from now. between now and then, one major milestone will be transfering weight of the suspension bridge off of the scaffolding and to the road.
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there is about half anchored into the roadway. >> it requires teamwork. it's a crew with six, or seven people. >> a safety officer calls those worker crews fearless and working hundreds of feet in the air, and tethered to the bridge. ropes are thin with heaviest weighing seven tons. >> and there is a about 20 feet to 700 feet. and depending on the length from so minutes to half an hour to install. >> there are shapes designed to echo the tower. and each light made up of 25 bulbs. >> apparently those are something special, caltrans wasn't ready to talk about them today and that is a low
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transfer scheduled to take place next month. the next isn't until next year, labor day weekend when the new bridge is supposed to open. >> there are remarkable moments. thank you very much. cal train says that this will have to close the dunbarton bridge again, will be the second full closure this year, it's undergoing retro fit work and will allow cal trans crews to rae place the expansion joint on the eastern side. and there is the best alternative will be the san mateo bridge. >> there is a gorgeous day out there. and there is a few hot spots.
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there is a live view looking down on to the bay and there is a finger of fog moving in through golden gate. just a few thin high clouds down, oh, south of mount tam. there is a beautiful evening around the bay area, taking a look at high temperatures today, there are three locations that broke the 100 degree mark there is 102 in yu kaia. and there is mainly 70s to 80s around the bay. and there is too much cooler than yesterday? i'll show new just a moment. there is fog inland and all areas will be cooling down. right now, 92 degrees in
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concord. is there 80 in santa rosa. there are 15 degrees cooler in mappa and -- napa. and san jose, mountain view and fremont all 12 degrees cooler than at this hour, yesterday, you can see trend going against the trend two degrees warmer or less cool than it was. and fog pushes locally inland tonight. the pattern continues into next week. and there is a huge hot air mass covering the western half of the nation yesterday. it's sliding eastward now. so cooler air arriving from the northwest and that is continuing tomorrow, low temperatures tonight cooler near the ocean. low. >>s, mid to upper 50s. it will be wide spread fog at the coast.
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tomorrow, afternoon sunny skies into the south bay. high temperatures upper 70s. and there is the peninsula, low to mid-70s. there is mid-50s on the coast. a little bit chilly there. 64 degrees tomorrow, 57 into the sunset district. and there is about 68 in oakland. 72 in newark. and inland east bay, warm and mainly mid to upper 0s. there is 60s to low 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling begins throughout the weekend. into next week. highs into low 80s. we should have great weather for aids walk san francisco.
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now just three days away. and interest to tl is still time to register. go to aids >> and please come join us out there. >> thank you. >> and did you know you can now wake up to the tones of spencer christian or sandhya patel with the abc 7 news larm clock app? just down load it from the app store, searching for abc 7 news san francisco alarm. >> and there is a new blood test developed by a bay area company. >>
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police shot and killed one chimp pansy and tranquilized another after they escaped a las vegas neighborhood about 10:00 this morning. they were on the loose about two hours, one damaged a police car. police say they had no choice but to shoot the male chimp as it moved toward a group of
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bystanders. the female chimp was tranquilized and returned. >> these are very dangerous animals. they're vonger than humans. these animals can hurt people and property. so you need to treat them with respect and there is no going up to the chimp and talking it back into the cage. >> investigators say the chimp's owner is licensed with department of agriculture and had proper permits to keep wild animals. there is in word on how they got out. >> and scientists can develop a machine to help doctors get results in minutes, not days. patients need to provide only a drop of blood. the machine then uses force to separate blood proteins. they can look at results before the patient leaves and this can be used for many tests. >> you pull out the cancer
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disc out of the fridge and put it on the disc. if you want to look at something more specific like e coli, maybe pull that one out. >> this that means this can be used by food processors on the production line to test for pathogens. it costs pennies to make ask can run on batteries. >> we have disturbing reports on hospital costs. michael finney takes a look at why many procedures cost five times more when performed here in the bay area. >> there is a scandal at penn state naming official who's covered up charges to avoid bad publicity. >> and why democrats are saying he misrepresented itself.
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a new report out tonight reveals some major discrepancies in the cost of having surgery in california.
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>> and the price of many common surgical procedures is far higher in the bay area than anywhere else in the state. >> and the story, what this means for us. >> get sick somewhere sells kind of what it means. the charge masters they're known are the prices hospitals want to be paid not necessarily what they receive. and the real prices they receive for caring for us are still a secret. most of us know it's expensive to live here in the bay area. so this might come as no surprise charges listed for surgery are the highest in the state. a new report from the california public interest research group shows average price for a surgery in alameda county is 163% above the state wide median, highest in the states. followed by san mateo and contra costa counties. san jose rounds out the top six.
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los angeles at 105% above median is cheaper than the bay area, the area with the cheapest list price is fresno. >> a pregnant woman in san mateo county could fly a private jet and still save thousands of dollars on more care. >> the reported knowledge is that they never get what they ask for. companies negotiate discounts and medicare and medical dictate to hospitals what they will be paid. the nonprofit california health care foundation is dedicated to improving health care. >> there is almost no relationship between the listed hospital charge and what you might actually pay through your insurance company. >> we have seen charges increased over the past years. and we've seen a corelation increase in insurance prior to being charged. >> and they agree more transparency is needed on
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pricing. except for medicare. what hospitals get for performing surgeries are kept a secret. so it pays to shop around. >> if you contact your health plan they can tell what you you'll be responsible for. and can estimate what your liability is going to be. >> no one representing the hospital industry was available to talk on camera before our dead deadline tonight. california hospital association told us by phone that list prices are meaningless in the market. now there is a link to the study on our web site. go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> there is a harsh report on the penn state child abuse scandal has uncovered highest levels. the report slammed four top officials including joe
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paterno for repeatedly kobs yeeling facts about reports of sexual defense involving jerry sandusky. investigators say the four showed more concern about sandusky and public relations than the abused. >> the concern to treat the child abuser humanely was stated no such sentiments were ever expressed to sanduskies victims. >> the family is denying reports conclusion saying many people didn't fully understand what's happening. and his legacy is tarnished. >> the clarity coming out of the report shows that 61 years of excellent service that joe gave to the university is now marred. >> sandusky convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse of children over 15 years. >> a report online that condoleezza rice is on the shert list to become mitt romney's running mate.
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rice has said she was not interested in the job. saying romney narrowed the field to a handful of choices and will does a.nouns the decision in a few week autos democrats are trying to capitalize on a discrepancy on his resume. he said he relink qished control in 1999 to run the salt lake city olympics but documents report him as the owner two years later. the obama campaign accused romney of misrepresenting himself. bane saying it took that long to transfer ownership of the company after romney sudden departure. >> there are remains of a marine have been returned to the bay area for military funeral. the flag-draped coffin arrived in san francisco international airport this morning aboard a delta plain. the n.1944, 919-year-old and six others perish whtd plane
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crashed on on the hillside of one island. paper work mix up caused the military to lose track of the site. family members never gave up searching for them. >> this family of one person got a crew together to go search for the plane. took them three days to find them about 3,000 feet. >> and he will be buried tomorrow with full military honors in san bruno. he already has a headstone. the ceremony to honor the crew will be held in october in washington. >> and coming up a new mobile app making it easier to raise money for your favorite cause. >> and technology taking pain out of having your nose done. ñ!s
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one of the common cosmetic procedures has a reputation of having a difficult recovery. new technology is changing the way some perform rhino plasty. >> julia is happier with her looks these days she underwent rhino plasty to reduce her nose. she says she didn't experience trauma often associated from pain to black eyes. >> it was nothing like i had imagined before. it was the opposite i had no pain. >> rhinoplasty has a
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reputation of being a brutal procedure. >> this plastic surgery in los gatos showed us some of the tools still in use for traditional versions of the procedure which involve breaking bones in the nose in order to reshape it. >> you're looking at instrument that's chair by changed in about 100 years, mallets and chisels were used to break the bones and saws used to saw the bone before breaking it. >> he says recent advance manies have reduced the trauma. >> what is new is development of high frequency power tool that's assist us in shaping and moving bone was out breaking the bones. >> the new generation tools include saws so delicate they can cut through bone without disturbing surrounding tissue. >> i can send shaped cartilage
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something you can never do. >> and he says they reduced side affects. and taking blood from the patient's body and using it as a kind of organic glue. >> it allows us to seal the wound internally and reduces bruising. >> this returned her to return to medical school courses in under a week. and easier breathing from the corrected septum and emotional boost from the cosmetic side. >> this improved my confidence and my nose was a better fit for the case. >> and this is usually covered by insurance if for cosmetic reasons you can imagine it's
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not. >> and that is the end of an era. a store closing for good after more than a secondary of service.
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>> shareholders lose patience in a stockholder's meeting today. the chief executive came under fire from a small group of investors anxious for a turn around. and he was not named to the post today. >> and wells fargo agreed to settle a federal discrimination complaint, saying the lending practices forced thousands of lenders to pay more because of the color of their skin it has been said change is the only constant. and sometimes it's good, and orn times, it's telling. abc 7 news found an example in noe valley that has a little bit of both.
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the sign outside tuggy's hardware appears to tell the whole story. and denny who owns this place does a convincing job of backing it up. >> and this is a institution more than a century. he spent half of it here began at 12 years old, helping his father. and what a mess, huh? >> and we found an establishment where advice came free with every purchase. >> and there is a solution for any problem. where they stock plumbing fixtures indij news to the homes here it means a lot to the neighborhood. >> yeah. there was a tough decision. >> since that sign went up it's been a long goodbye.
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when a business leaves a neighborhood after 14 years there is no such thing as a clean break. and this is inevitable. >> you decide to try to boost it back up again. and i realized it just changed. >> the case of denny versus goliath, with goliath winning and a floor that creeks as it has. he made arrangements to lease the building it won't be a hardware store? >> it can't be. >> everything must go, including this personal place. the water closet. and there is denny insisting he will take the door.
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>> this is maybe in the family room. >> only constant is change. sometimes, it takes 114 years. >> and there is a last look at the forecast. >> yes. >> there is some hot spots around the state tomorrow. 102 in fresno. there is nice, mild and pleasant. looking for highs inland into upper 80s. and mainly 70s around the bay. fremont and 64 here in san francisco. 56 in half moon bay. there is the accu-weather forecast. cooling continues right on into next week. as a matter of fact next
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tuesday will be the coolest day in the forecast period. >> yesterday 102, 104. >> yes. welcome change. >> and as you know san francisco aids walk is just around the corner. and there is a if you mobile phone app in the running to win a national award tonight. >> this weekend's aids walk will see thousands taking to the streets raising money to fight the disease. now asking why can't you walk for a good cause, every day? >> we do think you should be able to raise money every time you exercise. >> that is a premise for a smart phone that won a regional award. >> i'm riding a bike to help raise money for ms research to help my mother-in-law. >> max shults how to take a
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charity, inviolenting friends to pledge a small donation. >> i'm going to press play this, tracks gps on iphone. and let's you know how many miles. >> it will support things like weight lifting. and there are some charities say miles can add up. >> i started getting excited about forming a walking group z going out a couple times per week as a group. >> and there is excited about how this could motivate people. >> a lot of people get bored doing cardo make it fun and something you're going to do. and there is might help you stick with it. >> there are excuses not to work out. this is good to work out.
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>> and he expects to launch the app in two months. if you work for a big company rg don't forget that your company may sponsor you. >> and that is pretty handy. >> yes. >> coming up next, two local divers spring into action. >> and paths they've taken
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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hoch you can join me tonight at 9:00. a police officer under investigation. authorities looking into death threats against the first lady. >> then at 11:00 california tobacco tax that lost in last month's election but supporters refusing to give up. >> and there is larry beil off. >> there is olympic news for us. >> opening ceremonies for 2012 games are just over two week as way there is a chance for the first time in a dozen years and there is a trio combining past, present and future. >> rick knows talent when he
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sees it, he's been a head diving coach but he's never been part of an olympic game until now. >> i wanted to find out about the program in the united states. so then, did i know that meant olympics? i don't know if i knew that meant the lymphics. -- olympic autos timing was the key to the ticket to london. at u.s. diving trials a freshman qualified in the spring board and in 2007 won the three meter title. >> this could be the greatest woman and diver of all time. and there are scores suggest she is. >> there is been amazing this is just like no other medium. >> this has been a route to
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london of she quit diving, started working and then somewhere in nine to 10 months the passion returned. >> this is always in the back of my mind there is an idea that might not be a real retirement but it's amazing. and it's the same dream i've had since i'm three. >> and there is now go together game with goals and dream autos good luck to the two of them. >> british open is next week. outside of phil mickelson most americans remain stateside. there is a short game has been a strength. there is six under 65 and four off the lead. there is ricky parn and he's
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three back of this guy. troy madison started with six under after the birdie putt on one. approach on five. and there is almost holds it here, there is madison a ton under 61. >> change a score card that is the club the fall moved to a penalty. there is a short birdie putt. the 62-year-old with a 28 on the front nine. he's the club house leader and there is team usa they say they can beat the 92 dream team. there is lebron james, darren williams, team usa now
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leading. >> there is 92 miles for the tour de france there is bradley wiggins finishing six to extend the lead. >> i know his father. they're terrific folks and he's been training for years and years. it's exciting to watch. >> wonder tofl see them at the olympics. >> and you can make a difference in the lives of foster children for every new life we get on the facebook page $1 goes to the dream campaign. >> just check it out. we appreciate your time, see you again at can and 11:00.
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